Jeffrey Hoorfar | Case studies in food safety and authenticity | Lessons from real-life situations

(Woodhead Publishing Series in Food Science, Technology and Nutrition) Jeffrey Hoorfar - Case studies in food safety and authenticity_ Lessons from real-life situations-Woodhead Publishing (2012)

Because this is not a simple collection of scientific reviews written by experts for experts, but short stories of typical situations that might happen to any quality manager, food safety adviser, or policy maker.

With today’s busy lifestyle, reading (technical) books is not the first priority. On the contrary, fewer and fewer read books, but most update their technical knowledge by going to the internet; quick and searchable access to the most recent information at their fingertips!

In so many instances around the world we hear about incidents of food-borne illness, adulteration suspects or quality problems but never get to understand how they originated and how they were then managed. This book will hopefully address that deficiency.

Food is like air, consumed by everyone every day, and is therefore of major public interest and one of the best-studied subjects on the planet. Nevertheless, the Byzantine complexity of global food trade that has given rise to so many outbreaks still keeps food scientists up at night, and continues to provide fodder for experimentation.

Despite working for more than 20 years in this field, I only learned about bits and pieces here and there, sometimes missing the big picture. What triggers food problems in the first place, how do food detectives work, how is trouble-shooting planned?

These, and many other questions, led me to the next question: how can we share our hard-earned experience with our colleagues, students, fellow citizens, and the food industry, which is struggling every day to produce safe food but still make enough money to survive?

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