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This is the story of how I created a new career in social media for myself in less than one year. More importantly, the personal story is a case study other writers and artists can use to build a community and create a full-time income in approximately the same amount of time by doing exactly what they like to do.

A funny thing happened the other day. I woke up and discovered that I am now a full-time writer. Wow — I’ve become a ProBlogger, without putting ads on my site, praying that an article will get ranked highly on Digg, posting five times a day, or many other conventional blogging strategies.

Of course, it didn’t happen exactly like that as we’ll see, overnight success usually requires more than one night. In my case, I worked on it every night (and day) for at least 279 days. My goal in the beginning was to build a following, and being able to support myself came later but less than one year later, my new career is underway. In this report, I’ll tell you all about how it worked for me, including the mistakes I made and the strategy I used to get it right. Nothing is for sale, and my hope is that this case study will help you in your own quest to become Internet famous.

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