100 Ways to motivate others

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Don’t believe anything you read in this book. Even though these 100 pieces were written from real-
life coaching and consulting experience, you won’t gain anything by trying to decide whether you believe any of them.

Belief is not the way to succeed here. Practice is the way. Grab a handful of these 100 tried and proven ways to motivate others and use them. Try them out. See what you get. Examine your results. That’s what will get you what you really want: motivated people.

Most people we run into do what doesn’t work, because most people try to motivate others by downloading their own anxiety onto them. Parents do this constantly; so do managers and leaders in the workplace. They get anxious about their people’s poor performance, and then they download that anxiety onto their people. Now everybody’s tense and anxious!

Downloading your anxiety onto other people only motivates them to get away from you as quickly as possible. It doesn’t motivate them to do what you really want them to do. It doesn’t help them get the best out of themselves.

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